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First let me say kudos to you for taking a positive step for your health and well being. Massage, Cranial Sacral, & Reiki are a natural way to de-stress, find pain relief outside of pain killers and harsh surgeries, it is a preventive care to keep your body maintained and healthy.

My goal is to not only provide exceptional treatments for the individual clients needs, but to also educate and promote total body wellness.  Massage, CST and Reiki treatments provide relief from stress, support the body's many systems and helps us to live healthier lives.  However, regular massage, CST and reiki is needed to keep your body at peak performance, one session will not repair all your aches and pains, and it takes your active interest in your health to work. 

I encourage you to research the different modalities of bodywork and learn about the different works of amazing cultures that learned and brought us this knowledge to help heal the body, mind and spirit.  Remember you are not your pain, you are a whole person dealing with pain and together we can manage it and improve your quality of life.

I use only approved all natural hypoallergenic massage products and pure essential oils that do not contain any perfumes or artificial additives.

Carpe Diem also has an inhouse astrology oracle reader, as well as an eclectic boutique to shop from.

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Thank you and Blessings

             Amber T. Smith,LMT,BCTMB,Reiki Master, CST


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